New Course for Digital Agencies: AdWords Scripts

May 22, 2017

On February 5th, 2017, 28 participants successfully completed the AdWords Scripts Course- the first course of its kind to be held by Google globally. Continuing Google Israel’s efforts to advance the proficiency and capabilities of Israeli digital marketers, Seperia College is proud to have partnered with Google to present this course to marketing professionals from Israel’s top advertising companies.

Following three intensive workshops, participants were invited to present scripts they had written for their AdWords campaigns in the final session at Google’s office (pictured below).

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adwords course


course students

What Participants Said About the Course

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone working with AdWords on a daily basis. Even though I am not a developer by profession, I gained the capability to better understand, change and even write new scripts, enabling me to automate many tasks. Plus, the support of the community of professionals within the course helped me advance my knowledge and skills.”

-Eyal,Abagada Internet Ltd

“I had been interested in learning more about AdWords scripts for a while, but until now there was no concrete method for studying scripts with others who use them on a daily basis like myself. Although you will need some background in JavaScript, I would recommend this course to anyone who is currently working with AdWords scripts.”


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Access AdWords Scripts!

The Course

Seperia College is pleased to announce it is extending its exclusive collaboration with Google Israel in the training field. Google Israel and Seperia College will launch another marketing-tech course focusing on the automation of AdWords campaigns through AdWords scripts. The course- which consists of 25 teaching hours delivered through 5 workshops- will be delivered to a select class of experienced marketers from Google’s most valued agencies and advertisers in Israel.

AdWords Scripts Course

What are AdWords Scripts?

Using JavaScript code, Google AdWords scripts enable automated control of your AdWords account. Tasks such as bid management, alerts, page load time checking, conversion optimization, reporting or even ad scheduling can now be handled automatically instead of manually, saving your campaign managers a lot of time.

How can AdWords Scripts be used?

  • Scripts can be set to run whenever and as often as needed.
  • They can use external data such as inventory reports or conversion data to trigger changes to a campaign.
  • And in contrast, a script can be implemented to read your AdWords campaign data and create highly customized reports.
  • Email notifications can be set up using a script to automatically alert you of significant changes in account activity.  
  • Scripts can be used to monitor, optimize and make changes across all campaigns within an account, as well as across multiple accounts when managed by a manager account.

Find out more about AdWords scripts in this video from Google:

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