Seperia helps users make quick and accurate product choices, across our dedicated comparison & review sites. We aim to build the highest quality sites: from developing domain expertise to targeting relevant high intent traffic, into building detailed yet effective user-centric comparison pages. In addition, we aim to list reliable advertising partners Рproducts and services which offer a real added value for either the general category’s audience, or certain niches within it.


Seperia started off in 2003 as a techie digital marketing agency. A pioneer in the field of search marketing, we developed the Edge.BI platform, still a high impact tool for acquisition management and optimisation. From 2014, we pivoted into developing our own comparison and review sites, while phasing out agency services. From 2017 onwards we are not servicing customers, instead solely dedicated to our comparison product and traffic.


Our team has always been a core focus. Seperia College trained close to a thousand graduates, and today we are offering various positions, as well as unique internship positions.