About Seperia


Seperia was founded in 2003 by two software engineers, Amir Yarkoni and Itai Levitan, fascinated by the new algorithms Google had created, to organize and rank the then-young internet. From this inspiration- a highly passionate and data-driven company was born.


Edge.BI Technology


Edge.BI was developed by Seperia as a BI data analytics tool for PPC campaigns. It was spawned from the need to look beyond flat conversion data, and into more business-minded metrics such as customer activation, retention and lifetime values, and tie it to advertising campaigns, in a high granularity that will enable smart campaign optimization.


Our Partners


We work with hundreds of partners, in various business models, including performance and affiliation, service and hybrid. We welcome you to join and partner with us through the model that will best suit the needs and aspirations of both parties. Contact Us.


The Seperia Team


We invest a great deal of effort into recruiting only the best candidates, training and the ongoing nurturing of knowledge and teamwork. As part of this effort we established Seperia College,  which is not only the primary school for PPC in Israel, but also the official and exclusive training partner of Google Israel for full-fledged AdWords courses.


Seperia College


Established in 2011, Seperia College offers PPC training through 3 programs:

  • Full-fledged PPC course including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics modules
  • Comprehensive Google AdWords Course
  • Comprehensive Facebook Ads Course


For the Seperia College site, Click Here (Hebrew).