Edge.BI- PPC Analytics Software

“Overall, there is no doubt that the Edge.BI software has totally improved my optimization abilities, and honestly, I can’t even begin to understand how I was able to work previously.”

Omer Dickman, SEM Account Manager, 888 HOLDINGS

Gain an Edge in Online Acquisitions


Edge.BI optimization software was developed by Seperia, starting as of 2006. The software helps us scale up your online acquisitions while monitoring client value and ensuring campaign profitability. By partnering with Seperia you enjoy the power of a unique and dedicated PPC software- tried, tested and refined for over 10 years.


The platform was developed to empower PPC account managers and optimizers to operate efficiently within data-intensive spaces, providing them with a competitive edge in managing and growing large accounts.


CRM and Salesforce Integration


By integrating online advertising traffic data with CRM sales data (i.e. Salesforce, custom back office, affiliate systems), Edge.BI not only enables PPC marketers to make smart and fast decisions on CPA, ROI and client lifetime value, but also to find new opportunities for growth.

Edge.BI combines the full spectrum of variables: drawing from different landing pages, USPs, banners and funnels, different countries, languages and various traffic sources, including Google AdWords, Facebook, Microsoft Adcenter, Google Analytics and others, giving advertisers a holistic view of their marketing performance.


Edge.BI reduces 90% of time spent on preparing data & reports!


Edge.BI is developed by hands-on experts in online marketing, SEM and business intelligence. It is continually being utilized in a real-life environment and thus constantly updated with the shifts and innovations in the field.


Edge.BI is supported by Israel’s Chief Scientist.


Edge.BI Salesforce Integration

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