The Evolution from PPC to Acquisition Manager Role at Seperia

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January 3, 2024


With changing responsibilities and scope, we wanted to share an important update at Seperia – the transformation of the “PPC” (Pay-Per-Click) job title to “Acquisition”. As a pioneer in the field of PPC since 2003, as well as PPC training (Via Seperia College RIP, 2011-2020) This shift signifies a broader and more strategic role for professionals involved in paid campaign management.

Expanding Horizons

Gone are the days when the role of PPC specialists was confined mostly to campaign setup (usually in a very granular manner), manual CPC bidding and AD text optimisation. The transition to the “Acquisition” title reflects the expanded scope of responsibilities within the realm of paid advertising.

Acquisition managers now have a more comprehensive role – encompassing activities such as developing and measuring creative approaches, setting up multiple measurement and tracking signals for Google Ad’s AI engine & landing page optimization. Analysis, always a core component of digital campaigns, has become more multifaceted and holistic: good optimization takes into account cohorts, conversion cycles and frequent changes in market conditions and fast-emerging opportunities.

More Strategic Thinking

The evolution from PPC to Acquisition necessitates a more strategic approach. Campaign granularity is getting smaller, tactical bid management and search term separation / cleanups are no longer necessary on a daily basis.

With it, acquisition specialists need to adopt a more strategic mode of marketing: which kind of audience are we targeting in this campaign? Can I wisely combine search with audiences? Where is the user in his/her journey and how do I translate it to correctly feeding signals and KPIs for the specific campaign? How do I use Google’s automation properly and how do I build a smart array of automated vs more controlled campaigns? How do I start off when signals are few, and how do I change over time, as signals are accumulated?

The Full Customer Journey

While the role’s focus remains within the realm of paid advertising, it acknowledges that successful customer acquisition is a multi-faceted process that involves careful planning and swift execution. Acquisition specialists now engage more deeply with every touchpoint of the customer journey, from initial exposure to final conversion, ensuring a more seamless experience that translates to higher customer conversion rates.


The acquisition manager role requires collaboration within the broader customer acquisition  realm. Acquisition specialists collaborate closely with product owners, developers, designers, measurement experts and others to deliver highly effective acquisition funnels. Thus, the role demands more inner-personal cooperation than before.

Adapting to Change

Renaming the “PPC” role to “Acquisition” signifies Seperia’s agility in adapting to a changing ecosystem. As ad platforms evolve with AI, algorithms shift, and consumer behavior transforms – acquisition specialists should be prepared to navigate these changes. Their expertise in paid campaign management positions them as adaptable professionals who can pivot strategies to achieve optimal results within an ever-changing landscape.


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