Scale Up

Veterans of internet marketing know that most hyper growth digital startups (today’s industry leaders) used a secret weapon, beyond having a great product. They had committed partners and marketing channels that spread the gospel all across the internet.

Starting with Amazon that opened its partner program back in the 90’s, to Google that won dominance for its chrome browser through massive distribution, to Facebook with its large crew of marketing and technology partners.



As a startup or digital service, you’re likely facing a lot of competition. By having a dedicated partner that can identify your core strengths and promote your brand, you will gain increased exposure and web traffic, resulting in more customers and higher conversion rates. Seperia develops technology and web assets to achieve that end for you. Our research-based comparison tools,  in-depth product reviews, guides, blogs and Edge.BI technology make up a powerful composition at your brand’s service.

The best part, is that the partnership we offer is based purely on performance. So you don’t have to commit to large upfront fees in order to advertise. You have to build, or buy, an infrastructure for tracking, which is a relatively easy and cost-effective entry to the field.

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