Google Analytics Implementation

Google Analytics Implementation

Online, every data point is a potential insight that offers a tactical edge over your competition. If you choose to use Google Analytics (GA) for your website, proper implementation is a must. Simply embedding the out-of-the-box GA tag across your pages does not provide the full scope of tracking data you need to make data-driven decisions.


GA implementation benefits include:

  • Proper account setup –setting the right tracking codes into your pages and web properties.
  • Custom Profiles design which enables a quick view of different audiences on your site.
  • Sampling set up, for high traffic websites.
  • Clean and filtered data, free of common noises.
  • Complete goal and funnel tracking.
  • Quick view of different traffic segments.
  • Tracking various events, videos and outbound links.
  • Dashboard for 1-click access to your most important views.

Seperia has implemented Google Analytics on dozens of clients’ websites, ranging from small B2B sites to mega sites such as easy-forex.com, lamaloli.com, Conduit.com, ooVoo.com and Wallashops.co.il (Israel’s largest e-tailer) among others.


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