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“Seperia’s team combined their in-depth understanding of Google Analytics on one hand with our business goals on the other, to provide valuable, actionable insights. They were dedicated and innovative in revealing and removing every measurement blindspot to make sure we get the solid business data we need.” Read case study

Sagit Drory,  VP, Head of Marketing Channels, Easy-Forex

Turn Data into Clients


Accurate and comprehensive data is critical for your online success. Yet, most companies fail to implement Google Analytics properly in order to achieve this goal. It takes a professional to fine-tune the system and maximize the breadth and depth of the data you receive.


Properly acting on this data means more clients for you:


Improvements to certain elements in your site can generate a double digit increase of your conversion and acquisition rates. But do you know which elements to focus on? Which tests to execute and how to set them up?


As a Google Analytics Certified Partner since 2008, Seperia has been doing just that for a host of clients, delivering streamlined data, reduced page load time and increased conversion rates.


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