PPC Course – Seperia College

As a digital marketing pioneer in Israel, we established Seperia College to share the knowledge and experience gained in-house, train new generations of PPC to-be professionals, and develop our own team.


The course spans 4 months, over 120 academic hours, 2 evenings a week. It contains 3 core modules:

  • Google AdWords – Search Advertising
  • Google AdWords –  Display Network
  • Facebook Ads System


In addition, the course teaches the basics of using Google Analytics.


Around half of Seperia’s team was recruited from within the graduates of the college.

Over 400 graduates have joined the digital economy in Israel, some of them already serve in key positions in companies such as Wix, Fiverr, Lemonade, 888, monday, Sisense and many more.


Visit the Seperia College homepage, or PPC Course page (hebrew)