Salesforce Edge.BI Integration

Salesforce Edge.BI Integration

Seperia’s proprietary technology, Edge.BI, enables organizations that use Salesforce to automatically integrate advertising expense and performance to Salesforce metrics such as qualified opportunities, sales and revenue data. This is a critical missing link in the chain between lead generation efforts and online and offline sales results.


Furthermore, through our full-service PPC management, and/or standalone SaaS offering of Edge.BI, Seperia enables its clients to evolve their online marketing campaigns by leveraging our proven business intelligence technology to optimize cost, performance and ROI.


Integration is quick and simple – 1 click!


So how can you benefit from Edge.BI Salesforce integration?


Consider this; you are a marketing manager for an organization using SalesForce, and you are running campaigns on Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads and/or any other pay-per-click advertising channel:

  1. Prospects sign up on your website.
  2. Leads are tracked and synched with Salesforce.
  3. Advertising cost, client values, revenue and ROI are automatically integrated in deep granularity.
  4. You and anyone else with access to the Edge.BI SaaS can stop the guesswork and easily analyze how many leads, downloads, deals, and associated revenues are generated by your online ad campaigns.

With this integration, organizations that use Salesforce can and attribute to each campaign its actual contribution to the bottom line, thus driving more qualified leads to your website.


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