Maximizing the Modern Search Results Page – FREE Seminar

Google’s search results page is always on the move. From the early 2000’s “ten blue links” page into today’s rich display of organic and paid results – you can get a lot more visibility by applying the right tactics.


When it comes to maximizing your brand’s presence on Google, the opportunities are endless:
You can enhance your brand’s organic listing with site links, the knowledge graph & social profiles, the site search box, and more. Improve the way your paid results are displayed with user reviews, call-outs and Google Plus followers just to name a few. Enrich your search results with these tactics and watch your traffic from Google grow.

Apply to join Seperia’s free seminar, where we will share our experience and present practical examples on how to maximize your brand’s exposure on Google’s SERPs. With just twelve places available, we can only accept a limited number of participants.

Save the date:  Tuesday 7th of July 2015 | 10:00 AM | 6 Galgaley Haplada St. Herzliya, Israel


Post-script 15/7/15: Another successful seminar with more participants gaining insightful tips and practical examples to boost their brands’ search results.  Read our seminar recap and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on our next event and much more!