Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO

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At Seperia we have years of experience successfully tailoring off-Page SEO strategies to match our clients’ needs. This does not involve mass link building or purchasing, as these activities can result in various Google manual and algorithmic penalties.

Off-Page SEO involves a series of actions and initiatives designed to increase your site’s digital footprint, encourage the generation of natural backlinks and generate a buzz around your brand. The aim is to identify and amplify your quality and sticky content across the web.

It’s important to understand that there is no single SEO strategy that will work for every site. Each brand requires a tailor-made off-page SEO strategy to accommodate both its strengths and its weaknesses.

Here are some elements we recommend including in a healthy off-site SEO strategy:

Content Marketing

  • Generate and distribute high quality, expert content that is relevant to your field.
  • Content marketing includes optimized Press Releases, selective guest posts or guest blogging and reviews.
  • Content must be pertinent to your business field and provide added value to the user.
  • Be careful not to confuse this with article distribution, as mass article circulation can result in a penalty from search engines.

Social Media

  • Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc… can all be leveraged for SEO benefit.
  • If you employ a community manager, growth hacker, etc. then their efforts must account for SEO as well.
  • The trick is to match the social media platform to your brand; if it does not fit then do not try to force it. For example, while LinkedIn is generally a good fit for a B2B organization, Facebook may not always be as suitable. Or creating accounts on Pinterest and Youtube will have little benefit to your digital marketing strategy if your website doesn’t actually publish images or videos.

Leveraging Other Marketing Activities

  • Email marketing: Should be optimized to increase CTR and lead to pages that encourage higher engagement metrics post- click.
  • Advertising campaigns: Are users being sent to the correct site pages or dedicated landing pages when clicking on our campaigns?
  • Analytics: Your website’s SERP rankings can offer a great indication of success, but they don’t give the full picture of your SEO performance. It is important to keep track of other factors such as keyword rankings, traffic sources, bounce rates, conversions etc. Web analytics tools, such as those employed by Seperia (for example, Google Analytics, SEMrush and SimilarWeb etc.) offer useful insights into the performance of your site and therefore enable more precise website optimization.

Domain Authority

  • Google’s Domain Authority is based on the Hilltop Algorithm, whereby a seed list of hand picked websites are tested to see if they “agree” by linking to the same documents. This list is then expanded to include more resources with varying degrees of authoritativeness.
  • When these expert websites link to other sites, they transfer some of their authority.
  • There are three key influencers on Domain Authority- incoming links, social signals and brand-related signals (example: how many search queries occur for the brand name).

Cross Promotion

  • Develop strategic partnerships with compatible websites.
  • Caution must be taken to ensure cross promotion is always performed with relevancy and value to the user in mind.

Google’s Disavow Tool

  • Irrelevant links can damage your organic rankings, but sometimes its not possible to remove them (for example, backlinks from a gambling site).
  • The Disavow Tool can be utilized to inform Google of these links and to request their removal from your ranking factors when Google indexes your site.


  • If your site receives a penalty from Google (for example, a links penalty), your organic search results are bound to suffer.
  • For Google to reconsider the penalty, your application requires thorough research, tight methodologies to fix the issues that caused the penalties and clear, detailed communication with Google.


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