Social Advertising

Social Advertising

Leverage Audience Targeting for Scale


Facebook offers unique targeting attributes such as real age, gender, location, interests, workplace, status and connections. It also offers a host of advertising tools such as marketplace ads, Facebook exchange ads (including retargeting), sponsored posts, sponsored stories and others.


Advertising on Facebook, however, requires a different approach than Google advertising. It is not necessarily about running standalone marketplace ads with the aim of direct client acquisition; having an active and engaging Facebook page is key to long term success in this channel. Attribution is another key – even when Facebook is not the converting click, it usually has an important role in raising awareness and driving demand.


Roughly speaking, advertising on Facebook consists of 2 parts: audience building and direct response. Generally, companies and brands need stage 1 in order to tap into stage 2. The benefits however can be significant – tapping into a large, engaged audience and delivering your message and promotions to an audience which might not be reachable via other channels.


Management Tools


The Facebook web interface and power editor are not sufficient in managing large scale accounts, partly due to the need to refresh ads intensively on the Facebook ad platform. Hence, Seperia is using a number of technologies to assist with efficient advertising management on Facebook. Our own Edge.BI also supports the Facebook API, allowing enhanced analytics and optimization.


Additional Platforms


LinkedIn, being the dominant professional social network, offers unique targeting attributes such as by company size and by title …etc. For B2B marketers , LinkedIn may prove highly valuable, albeit at a lower scale than Google and Facebook ad platforms. Twitter also offers some unique capabilities for audience building and direct response through sponsored tweets.


Ever since the very first days of CPC advertising on Facebook, Seperia has been active, refining and maximizing results from the social network.




15% of managed budget. Minimum fee applies.