New & Unique Marketing Packages for Online Trading Brokers

May 10, 2016

Meet Seperia at the upcoming iFX EXPO and Finance Magnates TLV Conference to hear more about our new packages designed to fulfill the unique objectives of online trading brokerages.

Performance Marketing for Trading Brokers


Are you attracting a great deal of new traffic to your site, but find many traders who register drop out of the conversion funnel without completing a trade? Want to integrate Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, CRM data and AdWords for smart, highly targeted online campaigns? Or perhaps you are looking for new sources of quality online traffic, such as traders in over 25 languages?     

Seperia’s new performance marketing packages are designed to break down these barriers by providing online brokers with a means to bridge the gap between their marketing objectives and the resources needed to effectively achieve them. Our packages allow you to take advantage of Seperia’s intersection of knowledge, skills and owned properties. By blending together core pillars such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and adWords – as well as unique media – we are able to offer brokers top results, meeting their objectives in either acquisition, conversion, or retention.

Here’s a taste of some of our new packages:

Convert Registrations to FTD Package   

What: Re-target traders who registered on your site, but have not yet made a first deposit.

How: Using a combination of Google Tag manager, Google analytics, CRM and Adwords we shall create a highly segmented remarketing list. Seperia will re-target users that displayed the highest intention to trade (by registering for an account) without actually making a first deposit. We will target these high-value traders with unique messaging, encouraging them to make their first deposit and start trading with your company.

Exclusive Remarketing Audience

What: Seperia will provide you with a remarketing list of quality potential traders.

How: Pulled from the pool of users who visit Seperia’s collection of owned informational websites (in over 25 languages), we have created a remarketing list full of quality traders who display a high desire to trade, based on their actions such as searching to review and compare online brokers via our sites.

Retention Marketing

What: Re-engage your inactive clients.

How: Connecting to your CRM, Seperia will segment your traders who have ceased trading within the last 30 days. With this list, we will target this segmented audience to re-engage them with your brand, drawing them back to your site to continue trading.

App Marketing

What: Marketing your trading app to your client base.

How: In conjunction with our App Marketing services, Seperia will consistently monitor your clients’ engagement with the app, building campaigns to re-engage your clients with the app when needed.  

Speak with us today to find out more about these packages and our additional tailored services such as Lookalike Targeting, Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization and additional remarketing packages.

Meet Seperia at two upcoming industry Conferences!

Are you heading to the iFX EXPO in Cyprus or the Finance Magnates Conference in Tel Aviv?

From May 24-26, 2016 Seperia will be represented at the iFX EXPO (@ booth 41) by CEO Amir Yarkoni and Nir Winner, Director of Clients. On the 25th of May, Amir will also join a panel to discuss “Brand Awareness vs. Direct Response”. And on June 29, 2016, you can meet our team at our networking booth at the Finance Magnates TLV Conference.

Come meet us to discuss the services mentioned above, the additional marketing services we offer, getting your company listed on one of our performance websites and other opportunities we have on offer. You can leave your details below to set up a meeting, we look forward to seeing you there!