Mobile Search Advertising

Mobile Search Advertising

Reports project by the end of 2015, 50% of all paid search clicks will be performed via a mobile device.  As such, businesses wanting to succeed both online and offline can no longer afford to ignore the opportunities and scope of reach attainable through mobile marketing.


As the rapidly expanding mobile landscape cements itself as a core digital marketing strategy for 2015 and beyond, it is important to consider certain key trends, such as the adoption of mobile payment options, cross device attribution, the shift of TV and video consumption to mobile and local marketing when planning your mobile marketing campaigns.


Whilst these trends deliver further opportunities in the digital arena, they also present challenges such as how to track leads across devices, how to track phone calls from mobile ads and how to further target users when location targeting is not enough (by, for example anticipating their needs and targeting via in-app advertising).  


Seperia is a Google Certified Partner for AdWords with search advertising expertise accumulated over 10 years, enhanced by our proprietary Edge.BI optimization technology.


Having addressed the growing role of mobile devices in our lives, Google has changed AdWords to ‘Enhanced Campaigns’, providing new tools to take advantage of these opportunities. As a Google Partner, Seperia enjoys early access to Google and a range of other tracking tools to overcome these challenges and help you make the most of mobile advertising’s growing audience.



Our Mobile Search Advertising services include:

  • Mobile keyword / placement research
  • Ad copy writing and creative design
  • Campaign setup and management
  • Mobile landing page specification and design
  • In-app advertising
  • Solutions to track phone call leads from mobile ads


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