Case Studies

USAGC provides a value added service for registrants of the official American Green Card lottery. Each year the American government gives out 50,000 Green Card visas. USAGC assists registrants from around the world with their lottery application and submission processes. The annual lottery takes place in November, resulting in highly seasonal marketing activities.

When Seperia was approached by USAGC, the company was having trouble scaling their campaigns beyond a certain point. When trying to break this glass ceiling, the costs per acquisition were running too high.


The Goals


  • Generate scalability, without compromising on profitability levels.
  • Create more year round traffic and conversion stability, even in off peak periods.

The Challenge

When USAGC started working with Seperia, we were faced with the following challenges:

  • Although USAGC had an existing PPC account, CPL was too high to maintain a successful and growing campaign.
  • Highly unstable campaign performance throughout different periods of the year.

The Solutions

The Seperia team has implemented a range of PPC solutions to overcome the aforementioned challenges, including:

  • Pre-existing campaigns and methodologies were gradually restructured with Seperia’s recommended methodologies.
  • When the beta for Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) was introduced, Seperia took advantage of our early access by adopting and successfully implementing it within the account. The GSP utilizes 2 landing pages, one which opens internally within Gmail and a second external landing page. Seperia’s in-house, performance-oriented design team created a multi-lingual internal landing page especially for the GSP. The page was featured in several languages including English, French, Spanish, German and Turkish.
  • Seperia localized all AdWords campaigns for each targeted location. Thorough keyword testing was conducted across all targeted languages and destinations in order to optimize each campaign and its ads. Systematic testing was carried out to compare the performance of native language vs English ad content – in each domestic location. Following this, Seperia developed highly targeted ad creatives in Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
  • Edge.BI was utilized with great success during this campaign, providing the resources to further optimize all ad campaigns. By combining sales and accounts data from USAGC’s CRM system with results from all channels, it was possible to measure actual ROI and the profitability of each campaign, in real time thanks to the tight integration of Edge. BI. The data could also be broken down further to compare each campaign per location and per language. For example, Edge. BI data showed that the greatest number of leads and also best sales results were directed from Russian and English ads.
  • The relatively lower cost of display campaigns compared to search was taken advantage of in an effort to increase overall traffic and leads to the USAGC website. Contextual targeting was heavily employed on the Google Display Network (GDN).

The Results


  • Seperia was able to triple the volume of activity without hurting cost per acquisition.
  • The direct ROI from our activity, as measured in Seperia’s Edge.BI system, is enjoying a sharp rise, and has more than doubled.
  • A quarter of the revenue comes from advertising activity in non-English languages.
  • Traffic to the usagc.org website and leads have flourished, converting to an increase in revenue every month.
  • Display advertising initiatives have proven highly successful. Over 50% of leads arrived from Display (the majority of which came from GSP).
  • The increase in traffic to USAGC has also provided other revenue building opportunities for the company, such as upselling.

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