SEO Case Study- Walla!Shops

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Walla!Shops is Israel’s largest e-tailer, with millions of visits a month. Walla!Shops offers regular and personal sales from a range of over 20 different product categories, including computers and electronics, books, home wares and sports equipment. The company also offers other services such as photo album printing and the Daily Deal (coupons).


The Goals

Operating within the competitive ecommerce market and facing increased competition from coupon and niche commerce sites, Walla!Shops approached Seperia’s SEO team with the following goals:

  • To achieve considerable growth in organic traffic during the second half of 2013.
  • To tie the SEO work to actual sales metrics (transactions).
  • To retain prominent organic rankings on a large variety of search terms, primarily “Daily Deal” related terms.
  • To improve organic CTR of Walla!Shops’ search results.
  • To guide and support a smooth migration process to a new Walla!Shops website.
  • To advise on dealing with complex technical SEO matters such as mobile SEO and responsive design, using HTML5, jQuery and Ajax, without risking the website’s SEO.

The Challenges

Whilst recommending and implementing optimization strategies, we were faced with a number of challenges:

  • Being such a large website with a great number of pages and a complicated page hierarchy were causes for complicated SEO work: every minor change could have had an immense site-wide impact and we therefore had to be very cautious when making substantial changes to the site.
  • Optimizing on-page SEO elements had to be very efficient, comprising an element of automation, as manual optimization is almost impossible for this kind of large scale website
  • As the products on the website changed so often, and it was common for Walla!Shops to change the product categories manually, our SEO activities had to remain dynamic and flexible, ready for changes as the need arose. The same approach had to be taken when Walla!Shops wanted to announce promotions, as a quick response from our team was always required.
  • An apt solution had to be provided for ecommerce users’ increasing tendency to browse and shop online via their mobile devices.
  • Supervising the migration process for a website of this scale can be very complex. This required the SEO team to provide SEO guidelines ahead of migration, to work closely with Walla!Shops’ technical and marketing teams in order to support the new site’s structural changes and information architecture modifications, to perform QA of the dev environment constantly before site launch and to instantly address urgent SEO related issues post the site launch.

The Solutions

The SEO team at Seperia has implemented a number of solutions to overcome the challenges mentioned above:

  • We have optimized almost all categories on the website (both technical and content optimization). This involved refreshing our keyword targeting and as a result, updating keywords (according to current KW trends) across product snippets, titles, descriptions, URL’s and more.
  • During migration to the new Walla!Shops website, we dealt with many technical SEO challenges such as URL renaming and redirection, handling multiple 404 errors, ensuring search engine readability and accessibility and the implementation of canonical tags.
  • We recommended creating distinctive URLs for unique content displayed in Ajax, which could not have been indexed by Google otherwise.
  • The team also provided Walla!Shops with mobile SEO recommendations and solutions for optimizing a mobile ecommerce site built using Angular JS.
wallashops organic traffic progress

Organic Traffic Comparison: Jul- Dec 2013 vs. Jul- Dec 2012


The Results


  • In comparison to the second half of 2012, organic traffic in the second half of 2013 increased by 13% and unique visitors increased by 58%.
  • The amount of new organic visitors in the second half of 2013 increased by 19%.
  • Transactions driven by organic traffic increased by over 200% and the e-commerce conversion rate has also increased by 190%, two impressive results indicating that more relevant traffic has been driven to the site.
  • Organic traffic was the primary source of growth for transactions during this period.
  • Walla!Shops launched a new site in February 2014. After a couple of months of organic rankings instability, the site’s rankings have started to stabilize, with many of them improving, and organic traffic has now regained its pre-launch volume.

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