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EasyGo provides direct travel and leisure solutions to the Israeli market. Their wide range of services include flight and hotel bookings, domestic and international holiday packages as well as last minute holiday deals. EasyGo is a subsidiary of Signal Tours, one of the top 10 travel agencies in Israel, established over 35 years ago.


The Goals


  • To increase the share of www.easygo.co.il website in the overall company sales pie, through organic search and other online acquisition activities.
  • To increase EasyGo’s brand awareness and increase traffic to their website.
  • To strengthen the main products on the www.easygo.co.il website such as flights and holiday packages.

The Challenge


When the new EasyGo website was launched in March 2013, the company was faced with these main challenges:


  • Although Signal Tours is a well-known and trusted company within the B2B sector, the EasyGo brand name and website were new and therefore relatively unknown within the wider consumer market.
  • Online travel sales is a highly competitive market in Israel, with larger well-known brands running well established websites for over 10 years.
  • Many websites run by direct and indirect competitors are competing for visibility within Google’s first results page, for any valuable destination.

The Solutions


The Seperia team has implemented a range of SEO strategies to overcome the aforementioned challenges, including:


  • Adjustments of page layout to adhere to the present disposition of Google’s algorithm, which now factors a wider array of signals. These include engagement on the page/ domain, sharing of content and others. Many tourism sites benefit from longtime presence on the web, but on the same token, suffer from obsolete design and suboptimal user experience.
  • Enhancement of EasyGo’s social media activity through the creation of new social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) in order to increase brand awareness and traffic. In turn, these indirectly translate into positive signals within Google’s algorithm.
  • Building and optimizing crosslinking structures between the group’s websites. External web properties accounted for 0.5% of overall traffic to EasyGo during the 2nd half of 2013. This has grown to 2.7% as at the end of the 1st half of 2014.
  • Creative rewriting of page’s titles and meta-descriptions to achieve a more attractive snippet on Google’s results page. This resulted in an improved organic CTR and improved rankings.

The Results


Easy Go organic Traffic

Organic Traffic Comparison: Jan-Jun 2014 (blue) vs. Jan-Jun 2013 (orange)


  • Organic traffic increased by 125% during the first half of 2014 compared to the first half of 2013.
  • Conversions from organic traffic have increased by 230%.
  • Site as a whole enjoys rapid growth as a business channel.

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