Case Studies


PowToon– a successful and fast-growing startup- offers a user-friendly and powerful online platform to create animated video presentations. Seperia began working with PowToon when the company was still in its early stages.



The Goals


When PowToon began their performance activity with Seperia, the main goals were to:

  • Increase sign ups to the freemium platform.
  • Ensure adequate conversion rates from the free to premium product.


As our activity continued, additional core goals were to:

  • Grow with the company: scale up our campaigns.
  • Expand to more territories and languages while keeping ROI.



The Challenges


When Seperia started working with PowToon, we were faced with the following challenges:

  • PowToon had entered a highly competitive market with large/ successful competitors, meaning core keywords were expensive.
  • On top of this, at least one main direct competitor was bidding on PowToon’s brand keywords, raising the CPC by 10%.
  • As the majority of users signed up for PowToon’s free packages, maintaining a positive ROI as we expanded our activity was also a challenge.



The Solutions


  • Initially our activity targeted US users, before expanding internationally. At this point we created geographical clusters to track the best performing campaigns in each region. The countries with the highest performance were then split from their clusters and separate targeted campaigns were created to attract users in these regions.
  • We used multiple types of ad extensions, notably sitelinks to the Pricing Page from brand campaigns. This helped capture already registered (freemium) users who were searching for PowToon in order to login, with an irresistible value proposition for the upgrade.

PowToon PPC Ad


  • We also employed smart remarketing campaigns to better target those users who had signed up for free, to encourage them to subscribe to a premium plan.
    • This group of users were emailed an end of month sale offer from PowToon, offering major % discount off the most expensive packages. As the number of recipients who didn’t open the email was quite high, we then took this list of users and retargeted them using Facebook.
  • Audience insights on Facebook showed the majority of this audience were from a certain profession. From this data, Seperia created a lookalike audience and developed a campaign targeting that segment of professionals with sponsored posts.
  • Additionally, we implemented broad campaigns to target broader match terms and attract new clients within the limits of the budget.



The Results – Sustainable, Long-Term Growth


Employing these tactics, alongside PowToon’s organic growth, enabled our campaigns to grow steadily, and at the same time, improve ROI. As we gather more and more data to optimize on, we are able to test new ideas and capitalize on the growing free user base as an engine for conversion to paying clients.


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