Case Studies

Payoneer is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world, ranking 34th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™. The company provides a payment service for corporations, selling agents, affiliates and service providers, in 210 countries.


The Challenge

When Payoneer launched their new service for freelancers and professionals, they faced some major challenges:

  • Reach potential users who are typically located in many remote countries – where money transfer is logistically difficult and expensive.
  • No search inventory – Introduce a new service which potential users didn’t know about, therefore were unlikely to search for online.
  • Since the product isn’t a one-time sales but an on-going investment, the real client value could only be assessed over time (typically months to years).

The Key Performance Indicators were:

  • Users registration – fill application for the payment card
  • Card activation – once approved and received
  • Money loaded to the card
  • On-going use of the card

The Solution

The team had to come up with a comprehensive product marketing strategy in order to commence sales. We conducted an in-depth research to analyze how to reach this audience. A campaign was launched for Search and GDN with an array of designated mini-sites/Landing pages in 16 different languages. It was constantly optimized with the incoming data. Edge.BI integrated the advertising data with Payoneer’s CRM to present actual results such as money loaded on the debit cards. It enabled accurate evaluation of customer lifetime value so that we could improve targeting and allocate ad budgets accordingly. Optimization is based on a full year’s data.


The Results


  • In less than 1 year activity, through tight Edge.BI integration, we were able to estimate each segment and country’s value and to get Payoneer a solid positive ROI.
  • The account went from 0 to 10’s of thousands of signups and 1000’s of active users a month.
  • Client acquisition exceeded expectations, contributing to Payoneer’s phenomenal 4751% growth – ranking 34th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™, the fastest growing companies in North America.
  • The campaign scaled 10 fold in one year, covering over 200 countries and 16 different languages.
  • The Business volume from online marketing is constantly growing.


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