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InterTrader provides an award-winning suite of online products and tools to trade in the financial markets. InterTrader covers spread betting, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), stock indices and Forex. The company is based in the UK, targeting the UK, as well as other markets.


Challenges and Goals


Spread betting on financial markets is highly competitive in the UK, with a number of large, well established firms.


InterTrader sought to increase non-branded organic traffic, mainly get more new, qualified visitors and subsequently more conversions – i.e. cash deposits. They needed to establish themselves as a major brand on Google.co.uk for core terms to their market.


InterTrader launched a new web site and needed to ensure it is SEO friendly and guarantee a smooth transition.




  • Seperia gave InterTrader detailed recommendations for their new site layout, menus, hierarchy and migration process.
  • Planning & expanding content – mainly in CFD & SBR categories – since the competition for the main keywords is fierce, the strategy we took was to expand these categories, create sub-categories with dedicated pages with quality content.
  • By targeting long-tail keywords we reached specific audience but also enhanced the main phrases.
  • Ongoing content optimization
  • Link building
  • Social media activities to reinforce site ranking including:
    – Creating quality presence on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel.
    – Implementation of authorship tags, fan box to enhance social involvement and improve prominence of search results.
    – Wikipedia page and links.
  • Resolution of technical issues such as URL structure, redirects, canonical, etc.
  • Initiation and development of 4 satellite sites (structure, content, links, social) to capture niche audience.
    – Research prior to domain purchase & sites dev.
    – Widget development
    – Content plan & creation – main & ongoing
    – Optimization tasks (content, link building, infrastructure, social)
    – Leveraging satellites for traffic, depositors & links to InterTrader
    – Constructing an affiliate program
  • Handling cfd.co.uk penalty (de-optimization, links disavow)



  • Monthly organic traffic has nearly doubled its volume in 2012 compared with 2011, while non-branded organic traffic grew much faster at 350% rate.
  • Organic conversion rates (account activation) is 2.34% (overall traffic conversion rate is 0.93%)


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