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Easy-Forex provides foreign exchange (forex) trading solutions globally, giving traders immediate access to worldwide currency markets. Easy-Forex is proud to be a pioneer in retail forex, or offering forex trading as a direct-to-consumer product with an internet-based platform available in 7 languages.
Seperia has been providing search engine marketing services to Easy-Forex for over 10 years.


The Challenge: Making Search Profitable In A Highly Competitive Marketplace


Forex is one of the web’s most competitive industries and companies fight fiercely for online customer acquisition. This marketplace is further complicated because currency exchange is not limited to any one language, geography, or customer segment.


Easy-Forex faced these four critical challenges when they came to Seperia:

  • Bid prices on key words in forex markets had risen rapidly since 2004.
  • Conversion rates had declined because of the myriad of alternatives offered.
  • Increased difficulty for high CTR (click through rates) achievement and distinctness resulting from crowded SERPs (search engine result pages) already overloaded with competing forex offerings and promotions.
  • Quick copying and adaptation of new marketing approaches and initiatives by competitors.

Solution: multi-lingual paid search, optimized by micro-level click to revenue analysis


  • Campaigns targeted to over 70 countries
  • Campaigns in over 40 different languages
  • Massive keyword coverage on all major global search engines
  • Targeting local search engines and contextual networks
  • Substantial advertising activity on Facebook
  • Real time profitability analysis, and optimization empowered by Edge.BI online intelligence platform
  • Tailored landing pages and split test of various creative approaches

Result: A 300% increase in client acquisition while maintaining CPA’s


During the several months of expansion and accumulation of statistical data to check and implement these optimization models, Easy-Forex was getting twice as many monthly acquisitions by mid-2008, but at almost double the initial CPA (cost per acquisition). However, by the end of 2008 when the full Easy-Forex optimization system kicked in, Easy-Forex had three and half times as many new customer acquisitions- at the initial CPA.



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