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Easy-Forex provides foreign exchange (forex) trading solutions globally, giving traders immediate access to worldwide currency markets. Easy-Forex is proud to be a pioneer in retail forex, or offering forex trading as a direct-to-consumer product with an internet-based platform available in 7 languages.

Seperia has been providing Online Marketing services to Easy-Forex for over 10 years.


The Goals


When Easy-Forex upgraded their CRM and web site, they realized that they were not getting reliable data from Google Analytics. They were missing critical insights on their goals and sales funnels.


Seperia’s Google Analytics experts were asked to re-structure Google Analytics so that Easy-Forex executives would have on-going access to quality business data, informing them on Key Performance Indicators such as how new customers reached their site, how do they interact with different sections of the website and where they should invest to improve results.


The Challenges


The project encompassed multiple environments; general and secured (https) trading sub-domains in English and Chinese, mobile sites and more. Also, Easy-Forex is using (Akamai NetSession) a secure application to improve the speed for page downloads and streams which causes disruptions to the GA data.


Another challenge was the redirection of all advertising data, according to internal business logic which isn’t compatible with Google’s tagging policies.


An in-depth audit identified some key issues:


  • Self-Referrals: referrals are key to understanding the sources of registrations. Self-referrals from sub-domains distort the data and impede on business decisions.
Reduction of Self-Referrals

Reduction of Self-Referrals


  • The referrals data was further polluted by false referrals from 3rd parties’ sites (such as clearing partners), creating automatic back-links.
  • Organic visits to mobile site counted as Self-referrals or Direct traffic.
  • CPC advertising traffic counted as organic.
  • All mobile pages portrayed as a single page, distorting critical data.
  • SEO traffic could not be matched with CRM data to recognize its impact.

The Solutions


  • The team implemented Google Tag Manager and consistent Tracking Code across the entire site and all Subdomains.
  • Fixed inconsistent/wrong cookie configuration.
  • Marked specific 3rd parties’ sites, which created false referrals, to be ignored by Google Analytics.
  • Enabled true view of the source of mobile traffic – immediately showed much higher rate of organic mobile entries.
Organic Mobile traffic

Organic Mobile traffic


  • Corrected faulty AdWords settings, often done by 3rd parties/ affiliates, in order to attain accurate CPC traffic data. The team ensured all accounts are linked and implemented auto-tagging.
  • Improved Mobile site configuration
  • Implemented a special cookie to attribute results coming  from organic search

The Results


Google Analytics data quality is optimized and Easy-Forex executives now rely on it as a major platform for business analysis and discovery.



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