Case Studies


Conduit is the leading publisher network on the internet, with 250M user base. Publishers use Conduit’s platform to distribute their content and engage their audience, increasing site traffic, revenue, and brand loyalty. This includes custom toolbar, in-site wibiya bar and mobile apps.


The Objective: Scaling Client Acquisitions through Search


When Conduit decided to scale up its publisher acquisition, search marketing goals were set as follows:

  • Access and recruit a large number of website owners, ranging from small publishers such as bloggers, to medium-sized websites and large-scale publishers such as MLB and The New York Times
  • Help build and maintain an optimized website architecture across different properties
  • Track client values over time to optimize paid and organic acquisition efforts

The Challenge: Keeping SEO Focused Through Hyper Growth Stages


Conduit is in hyper growth almost since its inception. This means that the company and its focuses are rapidly changing, and the scope is expanding to new areas. The acquisition of wibiya by Conduit in 2011 further enhanced this trend. Among the main challenges:

  • Working around sub-optimized brand-oriented terminology and find traffic-generating keyword targets
  • Working with multiple company’s web properties, each having own objectives and sub-brand sensitivities
  • As company is trying to define certain markets – complicated keyword research in mobile, wibiya and others.
  • Harnessing the power of the Conduit large publisher network for SEO benefit
  • Harnessing the power of the organization (articles, PRs) to generate maximum SEO benefit
  • Optimizing a technically advanced web environment with massive usage of Ajax and other modern web technologies

The Solution


Seperia’s team has provided a range of solutions to accommodate the challenges. among them:

  • Correct funneling of links throughout the system including the conduit hosted pages (publishers’ zone)
  • Initiation and development of marketing content center to increase keyword targeting potential
  • Initiation and architecture of a toolbar directory
  • Optimizing a sub-domain hierarchy
  • Optimizing the mobile site content
  • Training to company developers on implementing coding best-practices
  • Advanced Google Analytics implementations and ongoing support, stretching Google analytics to the limits.

The Results: Double to Triple Digit Annual Growth Over the Years


Year over year growth in organic search publisher acquisitions – ranging from 40% to triple digits on certain years.



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