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Established in 2013, BlueVine is a fast growing startup based in California, offering small businesses advances for their business invoices.


The Goals


As a relatively new startup, BlueVine had 2 main goals when we began their PPC activity:

  • Increase awareness for this new solution amongst their target audience.
  • Build a scalable marketing program to attract leads and funded clients, to support the business plan and company’s fundraising milestones.

The Challenges


When Seperia started working with BlueVine, we were faced with the following challenges:

  • BlueVine operates in a relatively new and niche market within the larger business loans market. Thus, we had to focus on creating awareness for the existence of the solution, as well as building the necessary trust for qualified lead generation.
  • The company has a very specific target clientele- small B2B businesses operating with business invoices.

The Solutions 


To build brand awareness, increase new client acquisitions and address the challenges above, the following solutions were implemented by Seperia:

  • Initially, PPC activity was performed on a minimal budget for BlueVine, but was gradually increased in parallel with a constant growth in new client acquisitions. We began BlueVine’s activity by targeting core keywords (eg. Invoice Funding) on search engines, expanding to demand generation through various display channels.
  • Seperia worked extensively on optimizing the creative of BlueVine’s ads to encourage a higher CTR from their target audience.
  • Due to the competitiveness and high cost per click for each keyword, we optimized BlueVine’s position within the SERPs, adjusting the bid to promote the ad in the most cost-efficient position.
  • Facebook ads, Youtube, Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) and the Google Display Network (GDN) were also implemented to amplify the brand message and enhance awareness over the long term.
    • On Facebook, custom audience lists and remarketing (from both Facebook and AdWords ads) were used to attract new clients and to encourage those that already showed interest in the brand online to convert.
  • Testing was performed on a number of landing pages, especially to compare the performance of targeted landing pages to the home page. As the home page required an extra click to arrive to the lead form, it was found the landing pages had a better conversion rate. As such, additional landing pages were created to target a wider range of verticals.

BlueVine Landing Page

BlueVine Landing Page


The Results


  • Over the course of 1 year, Seperia was able to generate thousands of qualified leads and hundreds of live funded clients.
  • As a result of these and other efforts, the company was able to meet and pass its leads, clients and turnover benchmarks and subsequently, met all its fundraising goals.  


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