Building a Performance Channel

Building a Performance Channel

Having a referral program, i.e. offering publishers to send traffic to your site and paying them only for actual performance – is the most scalable and cost-efficient channel for most advertisers.


Rewarding partners fairly for their efforts is key to attracting more partners and getting your existing ones to send you traffic. In order to get started, you need 2 key elements:

  • A solid tracking system
  • A dedicated person to manage partners


As the channel grows you’ll also need a solid payment system to pay out many partners in different locations around the world.


Since we realize that many advertisers wish to enter the channel, but lack the knowledge to build a viable program, we offer to help with consulting: how to build the program and performance model, which tracking system to select and how to set it up,  what kind of employee/s are needed to manage the channel and so forth.


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