New Free Seminar at Seperia: Empowering Remarketing with Google Analytics
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New Free Seminar at Seperia: Empowering Remarketing with Google Analytics

February 19th, 2015, By

Whilst Standard Remarketing with Google AdWords allows you to retarget your website’s visitors based on pages they visited (or didn’t visit), it does not provide the capability to further segment your remarketing list based on more sophisticated factors.  


Here at Seperia, we have identified a serious enhancement to remarketing: Remarketing with Google Analytics.


Google Analytics allows you to take advantage of the data you already collect, to better segment your website’s users and create a more accurate remarketing campaign. By editing your remarketing lists through Google Analytics, you can:


  • Target users based on their on-page activity, including time spent on a specific page.
  • Target users who came from a specific traffic source. For example- target only social traffic, organic traffic etc.
  • Target users who performed a certain event on your site.
  • Target users based on goal completion, such as a specific conversion on your site.

The concept of amplifying your remarketing lists with Google Analytics data enables you to increase conversions by better connecting the right audience to the right ads. Take our recent client case as an example:


Our client offers users the ability to create online animated presentations. Their conversion funnel is as follows:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Create Presentation
  3. Export Presentation
  4. Upgrade to the Premium Package

Initially, the standard remarketing campaign we were running targeted all users who signed up for an account. Although this campaign was effective, we knew we could achieve better results.


Using Google Analytics, we segmented users according to goal completion. In this case, we created a remarketing list of site visitors who exported their presentation. Having specifically targeted these users, the remarketing campaign was much more successful, and ROI quickly began to grow.    


Apply to join our free seminar, where you will learn more about advanced remarketing techniques, including Google Analytics based Remarketing.