AdWords Remarketing on Steroids
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AdWords Remarketing on Steroids

August 26th, 2012, By

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) allows you to target users who have performed such actions as: visited your site, completed an action, didn’t complete an action, and others. It is a powerful online advertising tool, available on Adwords; It lets advertisers reach specific visitors across millions of sites in the Google Display Network.




Google has now made remarketing even more powerful and easier to use by allowing advertisers to create remarketing lists from within Google Analytics.
Here’s a summary of what has changed and how you can use this to boost (or easily start) your remarketing activity.


Much easier implementation

Up until now, remarketing required implementing specific code tags on the website for each audience list. E.g. you’d have to insert one tag on funnel pages, another code for visitors who completed a transaction, and another code across the site.
With the new integration, all you need to do is to modify your Google Analytics code once, and all the rest can be done via the GA admin interface.


Target visitors based on any behavior

Up until now, remarketing groups were defined by viewing a page in the website (which contained a remarketing tag). The new integration enables to segment upon any event, as well as time-on-site and number of pages viewed (when these are defined as goals). Moreover, it is possible to target visitors based on their behavior across multiple sessions over the previous 7 days.
Here are some remarketing use cases that were not available until now:

  • Visitors who watched a video or downloaded a PDF.
  • Visitors who visited more than once, but never converted.
  • Visitors that initially reached the website via a specific campaign, keyword or date-range.
  • Visitors who made a purchase, and also viewed other products.

How to start

Google will be gradually rolling this feature to all Google Analytics users by the end of summer. The condition is that you need to be admin on both a GA account and an AdWords account, and that these must be linked.
Once available, you’ll see it in the Admin section of your Google Analytics account.


Check out this help article for getting started.