Why Seperia

Why Seperia

Why should you choose Seperia for your Digital Marketing activities?

  • Seperia has the expertise and experience needed to succeed in the most competitive online markets. You will benefit from stability and depth of an agency that has focused on digital marketing for over 10 years. We have grown together with our clients, some of which are now leaders in global markets (Payoneer, Conduit, Easy-Forex, USAGC, Babylon, ooVoo and others).
  • We keep evolving with the constant shifts and innovations in Digital Marketing by committing ourselves to learning and testing new opportunities and trends in order to keep our clients’ marketing programs fresh and efficient.
  • As a longtime partner of Google and Facebook, we are given early access to various AdWords and Facebook limited beta tools. This access enables our clients to tap into tactical opportunities early in the game whilst enjoying the benefits of being the first- mover. We also receive tier 1 support from these networks for different technicalities.
  • Our Edge.BI technology gives us an advantage where client lifetime value is of the essence. Edge.BI SaaS optimization software, supported by Israel’s chief scientist, integrates directly with your back-office/CRM. This allows us to build large and profitable advertising accounts, going beyond flat conversion metrics and into your actual client values and ROI.
  • We provide full transparency of your data and accountability for your results.
  • Think of us as an extension of your marketing team, a group of dedicated and multifaceted professionals you can plug in to empower your online marketing results.

Seperia vs. In-house team

When making the decision to conduct some or all of your online marketing activities in-house, or to outsource them to a professional agency, you should consider these points:

  • Expertise in Multiple Digital Environments – To cope with the ever growing and changing environments of PPC/SEO/Mobile/affiliate marketing, companies today require an extensively trained, versatile yet dedicated workforce. Seperia is a Google Certified Partner for AdWords and Analytics, and has a diverse pool of qualified professionals to meet your marketing goals. And with diversity, comes flexibility. Our team members are well equipped to satisfy your changing needs throughout your campaign. By utilizing our agency, you can ensure the right person with the right skills is working on the specific job at hand.
  • Plethora of Resources – on-line campaign management is time consuming, especially if you offer multiple products, or are targeting multiple geo markets. If you depend on a small team, they might not have the time to give the campaign the full attention it requires, and you may end up with a PPC campaign that is not fully optimized, which means wasted time to market, higher costs and fewer leads.We integrate our Edge.BI optimization software with our experience and structured methodologies to operate efficiently and obtain solid results in a much shorter time span.
  • Strategic Depth – It is common for our clients to approach us requesting assistance in a specific field of digital marketing. As the relationship develops and data is transferred, the knowledge and information we share with our clients offers benefits well beyond the bounds of just one digital field. Seperia has many years of accumulated experience, with a wealth of knowledge and data related to diverse online industries, giving us an invaluable strategic insight, for the benefit of our clients.
  • Risk Management – Skilled digital marketing talent is hard to find and usually even harder to keep. Engaging with an established agency- such as Seperia- will save you the substantial overheads involved in recruiting, managing and retaining online marketing talent, especially where this is not part of your company’s core operations.
  • Staying Ahead – A common pitfall with in- house teams is that they are experts in one area of digital marketing, but find themselves lacking in knowledge and experience in others. Across all of our teams, from search and display marketing to on- page and off- page SEO, and over multiple platforms, from mobile to GSP and web analytics, staying up to date with the latest technology, tools and resources is common practice. Our clients benefit every day from our versatility and flexibility- qualities that can only be achieved by a diversified and highly dedicated team. We integrate our own in-house technologies with a plethora of the latest premium marketing tools (such as Similar Web, SEMrush, Alexa). As a leading digital marketing agency, Seperia benefits from its Google Certified Partner status with early access to Google tools still in limited Beta. This allows our team to fully integrate new technologies and processes within our clients’ campaigns a lot more rapidly than many in-house teams could achieve.

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