The Seperia Story

The Seperia Story

Seperia was founded in 2003 by Amir Yarkoni and Itai Levitan, software engineers who found themselves fascinated by the new world of online opportunities created by Google. With their passion for algorithms, they explored Google algorithms and learned how to work with them to enhance visibility for websites.


From day one, the philosophy was to create high quality user experience  while maximizing the website’s accessibility for search engines.


In 2004 Seperia entered the world of PPC, primarily with Google AdWords. We decided then to focus only on activities that can be directly measured and optimized. By 2005, as more business came in, we hired our first 2 employees and by 2006 we were a team of 15.  In 2008, Seperia became the first Certified Google Partner in Israel for Google Analytics and Website Optimizer. In 2012, we launched a designated mobile marketing department, in order to deliver our customers the best results in this fast growing segment.



As our PPC campaigns grew and became more complex, we concluded that we had to bring technology in. In 2007 we assembled an R&D team and developed the first version of Edge.BI  – specialized business intelligence software that helps us optimize large scale campaigns. Integrating online advertising data with CRM sales data provided an invaluable real-world client acquisition insight. It turned out to be an invaluable tool for expanding and optimizing our advertising accounts.


By 2010 Edge.BI was revamped and launched as a SaaS offering, with 888.com being the first external Edge.BI user. We keep on innovating and developing the product with new CRM interfaces and ad channels. Edge.BI is supported by Israel’s chief scientist.


Seperia College

As our activities grew, we encountered an increased challenge with recruiting new talent. We identified a shortage of skilled online marketing professionals, with a growing demand, and no real solution. In response we launched Seperia College in 2011, with a mission to meet this challenge.  We now offer PPC courses to individuals, as well as custom training programs for organizations.


Going forward

Today we are a team of 40 professional, dedicated, and enthusiastic digital marketers. We work hard to deliver high quality and up-to-date solutions for our customers.  We are continuously venturing out to more digital media, committed to helping our clients navigate through and prosper in this ultra-dynamic environment, where change is the only constant.


We’re investing heavily in our key assets: Edge.BI technology and our human resources.  We strive to create a vibrant, collaborative and top quality environment for our people, which in turn – translates into excellent results for our customers.


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